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I am not much a man of God though I am getting closer. I will say this…that God works in amazing ways. A month ago I was engaged thinking all was lost. God placed someone else just as amazing in my life. Over the weekend I had a life changing experience at Buckhaven Learning Center. I have not been that happy or at peace in many months. Long story short, God gave me a new love and opened my eyes to the true charity of some real amazing Angels. Thank you to all of you. My life has been chaged since meeting each one of you.
– Adriano Da Silva Andrade, Marines

The entire experience that BuckHaven supported for the Combat Wounded Warrior Soldiers was beyond and above what any of us thought it would be. I don’t possibly see how there would be anything more that you could do for us. I had the BEST EXPERIENCE of my life! The food was awesome, I didn’t believe how hungry hunting made me, but every morning, noon, and evening there was always a hot meal waiting for us, and smiling faces serving the food. We laughed, joked, and they allowed us to become one of their family. Every hunting blind I had was a perfect shot. Being able to go out early before the sun rose and then to see it set, gave me a sense of peace. I don’t think there is anything to add, except to allow me to volunteer, I promise this time to try and gut a deer. There was my first doe that I shot on my second trip out to a hunting blind. I was with an awesome guide (I call him Fred J), from Ditty Entertainment. He made me feel like I was a pro at this hunting thing, and even though I was a big laugh at the camp site about getting down for cover in my hunting blind, I still had an AWESOME time. Then there was the beautiful gift of the Ten Point Cross Bow…I have already had people ask if they can borrow it, and I have told them they must have left their minds back at BuckHaven, because this is my NEW baby, and I tell them they can’t.
– Crystal

I attended Buckhaven Learning Center OCV hunt for wounded warriors. They hosted 12 members of Ohio Combat Veterans who are also Wounded Warriors for 4 days of hunting whitetail deer. I harvested my first buck after tracking it for a full day at The Arboretum with a 9-person search team. I was told it was the largest deer taken at Buckhaven in their 14 years of charity work. Please visit their website and “LIKE,” them on Facebook. Keep your eyes open for their poker run fundraiser, or support them with a donation, or volunteer at their work day (repairs and improvements to their facility) so they can continue their mission of serving Wounded Warriors. Thank you to everybody involved, this was one of the funnest things I have done in my entire life. I joined the “Buckhaven Family.” Some of the coolest, most genuine people I have ever had the honor of hanging out with and now get to call friends. This was more than an event…it was an epic adventure that can never be repeated. 
– Aaron Gerencser