Buckhaven Events

Benefit Dinner
Feb 22, 2020 at Floral Valley

On February 22, 2020 BUCKHAVEN will be hosting a Benefit Dinner/Raffle.  This event will be held at the Floral Valley Community Center (Apple Valley), 850 Crestrose Drive, Howard, Ohio 43028.  We would like to request donations in the form of products that will be used at our auction.  If you wish, you may donate monetarily in any amount or you may donate $500.00, this will purchase a Gun with your name as Sponsor at the banquet. The money raised will be used to benefit BUCKHAVEN and our “Whitetails for Warriors” hunt.

Whitetails for Warriors Hunt
October 13th-17th, 2020

I urge any Combat Wounded Veteran, Men or Women that would like an opportunity to experience the Great Outdoors to please apply for the “Whitetails for Warriors” Hunt.  The hunt includes  four nights lodging, all meals, snacks, and beverages, your in or out-of-state Ohio hunting license with an either sex deer tag and lots of swag for the twelve hunters.  It also includes all except for the hunting portion, for your aid or your spouse (significant other).  **The applicant is responsible for travel to & from BUCKHAVEN in Ohio**

BUCKHAVEN’s Staff, Volunteers, and Guides have fifteen years of experience serving Physically Challenged individuals.  We have Adaptive Equipment for any Disabilities, PTSD, TBI, Paraplegic, Quadriplegic, Amputees, and even if you have lost your Sight.  We know you will have the “Time of Your Life“.  Major emphasis is placed on honoring you as a Disabled Veteran, in an Educational and Recreational Therapeutic benefit program. We also instill Integrity, Self-Sufficiency, camaraderie and friendship.

The hunt will be held in October of each year.  Eligibility for this hunt is as follows:  you must be a Combat Wounded/Disabled Veteran, which incurred as a service-connected injury or illness to be eligible for this hunt.  Twelve Veterans will be drawn by BUCKHAVEN’s Hunt Coordinator each year.  If you have applied and are not selected that year, your application goes back into the selection process for the following year.  Applications will be accepted until July 31 each year, for that years hunt.